Saturday, August 26, 2006

I feel guilty

Darren is my prudential advisor and he had been as helpful as he can but I kept making things difficult for him. And it makes things worse that he is my cousin's friend.

I meant to meet him at 3 just now to discuss my policy, but my head feels like it is going to explode, no thanks from the medicine that doesnt seems to be working.

They are not curing me, yet making me drowsy.

I guess it is fated that I will be spending this entire weekend floating around like a wandering ghost with a perpetually spaced out look.

I told darren I am not feeling well and requested to postpone the meeting, and I can really sense he is pissed. I really dont want to do this, but I know I cant concentrate on the figures and etc anyway when he explain, hence I dont want him to waste his breathe.

Guess I will have to bring my policy with me for the next few days and meet him when he is free. I told him if he happens to be at tanjong pagar after 6 on weekdays he can give me a call. I can always meet him for a discussion, then return to work after that.

I feel my head is remote from my neck and I am blinking my eyes in slow-mo even. I need miracle pills, anyone has them?

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