Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Very Dead

I am almost like quarantining myself, forcing myself not to go out, and to stay at home and continue to study. My first exam is on Friday morning for Management, and as of now I'd went through my entire textbook, wrote notes for all chapters - colour coded and all, my class tutorial notes, but there must be at least 200 terms and group-terms which I need to memorise and I obviously I cannot recall most of them.

I do understand the theories, but during exams, if I cannot even recall which terms to apply, I dont even need to get to the portion of elaborating in my own words.

Dead. Very dead.

Meanwhile, for english, I'd written 6 mock essays, or essays outlines.

For maths, I'd finished all other chapters, including differentiation, logarithms, etc. I have integration to finish, and then an overall revision.

Dead. I Am Very Dead.

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