Monday, May 18, 2009

Selfish Friends

I seek the help of an ex colleague to help me with my maths, and he agreed, only if I promise to help him with his project that requires some design work.

This conversation was help 2 weeks ago, and this cross-helping would to take place last saturday, 2 days after his last exam papers.

Just days before this saturday, he msn-ed me to tell me that he cannot help me with my maths anymore. Fine. I told him. I would help myself.

Moments ago, he msn-ed me, asking me if I need help in my maths still. I told him I am fine, and I am still coping ok. He then asked me if I could still help him with his project then. Tomorrow, in school.

I told him I am not free. Had work.

Well, teeny bit of lie, I had HOMEwork, but why should I help him if he played me out first?

He then asked me if I can take leave tomorrow and help him with his project. Hahahahahahahah. That's one of the funniest thing I'd heard for a long while. Tell me, someone, how come I have so many selfish friends?

I'd lots of these who take me as informative counter, or people who stood me up for appointments, and then when I cannot make it for their appointments, sulk and ignore me for weeks.


Thanks a lot, dear god.

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