Saturday, January 13, 2007

No one in my life

Recently I realised there's a few guy friends of mine who are treating me exceptionally well. If not for the fact that I know their respective girlfriends, I would have guessed that they are having a crush on me. Whahahaha.

One keeps asking me for meals, and re-arrange repeatedly even though I've turned him down repeatedly due to my work schedule and various urgent submissions. When I finally had the chance to join him for a meal, the meal was enjoyable, though kind of awkward cos we usually have meals in larger groups.

Then after that he sent me an sms to say that it had been nice to see me again, and that he would like to arrange meals with me again.

One keeps calling me, asking me if I am fine, asking if there's anything I need him to help me with. Apparently he saw me dashing through the rain sometime last week and he was too far away to offer his umbrella. He called me after he knew I've reached shelter and asked me if I was ok, and reminded me to dry myself so that I dont catch a flu.

Then there were the many times where he would call me, and specifically told me he wants to chat with me. Those calls are usually short ones, while he's travelling to business appointments, or when he's waiting when clients are late.

And etc.

Given this acts are shown to me by single guys, I would immediately associate that they are obviously carrying a torch for me. Otherwise why would they be asking me for meals individually when we used to go out in groups. Otherwise why would they be calling me at every other hour to chat.

But like I say, I know each of them for sometime already, and I know they girlfriends too. So I know they are just being overly friendly. But that brings me to another question. How come there's taken guys who are treating me so well, but not as many single guys who is showering attention on me.


Isnt it high time someone express? =(

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