Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Grinning like an idiot

I was on the line with a certain someone yesterday, and I am still grinning like an idiot for the whole of today for any of the time that I remembered the conversation.

So! Sometimes it is not what a person say that matters, but who the person is. I remembered being thoroughly pissed when a person retorted me "xx your head lah" when I was just making an innocent comment on something.

But when this certain someone laughed during our conversation, and jibed "xx your head lah", I didnt feel a single pinch of anger, but laughed heartily with him.

I missed talking to him, and missed the way the two of us would exchange sarcasm and me appearing determined to win the silly bicker, but I will always stop after a while and let him win. Well, I am not a guy, I dont need the ego boaster. =)

And, being able to cry foul at the end of the bicker allows me to act irritated and complain to him how come he is always picking on me? Then he would smiled and cry foul, saying he never did that.

Ok, it is quite silly, but that is how the two of us get along. I am usually very smart and sensible with other friends, but with this funny one, I tend to stoop to his level and that make me lose my intellectual front.

Sigh. Spoiler. Hee.

I arranged with him to come out for coffee sometime soon. I am so eager! =)

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