Sunday, October 08, 2006

The art of talking

Firstly, I wanted to explain that I am not implying what I am saying is totally correct. I had only worked in a semi-customer-service-job for 15 mths, but I had been on the receiving end of customer service often enough to judge.

Actually, I am not referring to the sevice in boutiques and the like, I am tagetting my discussion at the day-to-day conversation we hold, or rather, the weak and painful attempt at communication.

Often, we are at the abusing end of such boorish conversation. Many beings doesnt realise the mistakes in their method of talking until they saw blood dripping from the bearer’s wounds.

(Well, some had eyes perpetually bound with white lengths of cloth and they cant see you, bleeding or otherwise.)

The less sensitive victims are often the ones who attained higher nirvana in the end, who will brush off the rude conversation, and at the same time, letting the offender gets away without a scathe.

The vengeful few, like myself, bristles and wickedly thinks of methods to get back at these poor-mannered population. But more often, revenge is hard to execute based on a verbal vendetta.

But in the first place, why does this offenders make their offending offensives?

I can be less mean, but I shall not mince my words for people who dont deserve them. I do think that these people who spoke without considering their choice of words, are just plain brainless.

Either they are brainless, hence they dont think and sprout crap, or they are brainless, hence they believe what they say seriously rules the world and no one should get offended by it.

It is like when the emperor commented that you have bad breathe. Can you slap him across the face or even mutter some colourful expletives when you are thousands of miles away from him, in your humble barn where you share with your reared chickens?

You dont.

And obviously there are some people who feels that you shouldnt be offended by them no matter what they say because what they say overwrites all knowledge you previously possessed, hence yah, you are are stupid and you must listen to them.

Who are the stupid ones actually.

Especially in a modern context, where everyone is a working environment have to rely on one another to get things done, it is appalling to see how some people speaks without thinking and hence permanently ruined a could-be good working relationship.

Many had forgotten their basic manners, barking out commands at you as though you owed them your living.

Many saw themselves as superior beings, and they look as you as though you are some bad smelling trash, and hence their nose is constantly turned away, and into the air.

Many tell bad jokes, even when you have not the slightless interest in hearing them, and bellow HAHAHAHA while you look around nervously to ensure no one had caught you standing beside this lunatic.

Many butts into your converstations and pretends they didnt know they are not welcomed.

I can seriously go on endlessly about the kinds of unforgivable behaviour I had encountered throughout this short life of mine, but I think you got my point already.

I dont wish to complain, really, of the way people speak because well, all of us are brought up differently, and it is unfair to demand equal civilities from everyone. But sometimes I pray these people finally realise, why they are putting people off so much, and then change their method of communication to one that doesnt sting.

But maybe it is too much to ask for, because it is far too convenient to be rude.

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