Saturday, August 12, 2006

Selfish woman

I was dead tired after work just now and decided to take the train home because I thought it would be deserted at that time of the day.

But no, the seats were 80% full but I still manage to get a seat by swinging an axe in an arc around me. That teaches the mass, stop triffling with someone who hadnt slept for the past 23.5 hours.

I sat down beside this woman and was trying to make myself comfortable so that I can quickly fall asleep.

This woman leaned against me and I ignored her because as long as she dont fall into my laps, I am not a petty person.

I am a follower of the sleeping sect. Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!

Soon enough, I dozed off too, and I felt this woman brushing me away. Although I am napping, I am definitely still conscious ok! I definitely didnt sleep on her shoulder or drip saliva down her pasar-malam-bought bag, at the most I had leaned towards her but did she need to do that?

She didnt shove me away (if she dare she will be in the police station with me now), but pushed me away in an irritated slow gesture.

For twice this happens, and I am pissed at why is she making such a big fuss to need to shove me aside, so I sat up and forced myself awake.

The moment she leaned against me when she fell asleep, I immediately push her away even if it was just a small contact. And I did that repeatedly. Muahahahahahah. Dont blame me, she started it, and I was too tired to think of a more gracious way to counter her.

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