Saturday, August 12, 2006


I worked until 6.30am just now, and because I started work at 9am yesterday, that means I've worked a whooping 21.5 hours in a go.

Wow, I really want to say....


If understaffed then hire more people, dont make us work our whole social life away! Knn one.

I dont mind working alone in unearthly hours in the 7th month, as a matter of fact, I enjoyed it because there wasnt people seeking my attention constantly.

But 21.5 hours leh! That is almost 3 working days already! The bosses say that after this period of busyness, he will compensate us off days. Rubbish one, I dont need more off days, I want more pay. Unless your off day = fully paid trip to japan, two days I also dont mind.

I am so lethargic now that I cant think straight.

You may ask why do I need to stay for so long tonight. I've got 2 sets of drawings that are needed next mon, and I cant do it next monday because I will need to go to down to client's site right after lunch, and I would probably be there for the whole afternoon.

On top of that, I have another project that I know, since monday, that I have to do, but I was hoping the sales person will take longer to get back to me after I gave him the first version.

But I guess commission makes a difference to work attitude. He practically got back to me the same hour, so much for wanting to clear my intray.

Also, I was asked to bind more copies of the corporate profile. Sigh, this is really one sai gang because it takes up a lot of my time and this kind of time are the types that people dont recognises as important.

And I was EXTREMELY pissed that when posh asked uncle (the degrading name we call that 'senior citizen', who is the sales and design manager) whether is there anyway she can do the brochure herself rather than troubling me because she felt I was under a lot of tension.

Uncle just told her there's no other way, posh mentioned that I already had a lot of things on hand and uncle just told her "No choice, kanigi has to do it," very matter-of-factly.

THAT PISSED ME OFF! I was so dulan that I didnt even want to talk to him after that.

When augustine was still around, if he asked me to print and bind, uncle would scold him, saying he should do the binding himself. Now see what he do himself? 说一套做一套.

A positive note after all the dulan-causing incidents, I've already done the two copies for him, and also all the work that was on hand. Basically this 12 hours of ot is considered productive, but if I need to do this again, I will consider setting fire to the company.

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