Saturday, August 12, 2006

Feeling proud

Agwenalist wrote an entry about me leh! *Feeling proud*

Ok la, very boliao, but seldom did people blog about me, so I am excited. =)

Like she mention, she browsed through a few entries and she felt the two of us are very similar. Actually I felt the same, that is why I always go back to her blog to read more.

Like my latest comment left for her, when I first read her blog, I was constantly thinking, "Is this my blog or what?" The things she say is so much like something I would say, and the things that angers her are the same thing that will make me angry if I was in that scenario.

Oh, she mentioned she yahoo-ed 'kanigi' and found this blog. I tried the same and I was linked to the knn post. Wha.. of all post, that post is the most boliao and yahoo cached it.

Next time google it ok! *Shows stern face* My blog is listed 3rd ok! *Gives xialan face* Haha.

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