Friday, July 21, 2006

I am superwoman issit?

***This post was sent via gmail on thurs night but it didnt appear on this blog. I am reposting it based on the sent email time.***

Look at what the time is it now? I am still in the office!! I am dead beat, and am just packing up to leave only.

LW asked me why dont I leave the work till tomorrow morning, since presentation is at 3pm (meaning have to finish at 2pm) only.

I told her because I seriously fear there will be sudden urgent stuff that demands my attention tomorrow and I will not be able to finish my presentation boards in time.

She nodded in agreement, and told me she will brief me on a project tomorrow, and she needs the drawing at 11am.


Thanks a lot. I am flattered that she thinks I am superwoman. I am almost crushed by the workload already. Save me can?

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