Monday, November 09, 2009

Regarding my course

Everyone whom I'd known, repeatedly ask me why do I study a part time diploma, when I can study for a part time degree.

Woohoo, wait a minute. It is not that I dont want to study for a degree, but it is because I do not have any business background, and I know that I will have a hard time catching up degree standards, and therefore I choose to do diploma first, and work towards a degree later.

Of course I know I am spending more time than the other route, but I'd rather move at a more comfortable pace when it comes to studying part time (trust me, it is bloody tough), than to force myself on, and fail modules after modules. What's the difference?

I wish people understand that this is a huge sum of money we are talking about, and I did my maths, and proper thinking through before I made any decision, and not just randomly choose something based on tossing a coin.

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