Tuesday, October 06, 2009

My Irritating Bahaviour

Did I ever blog about this before?

A friend once observed, that I have the habit of competing, and then turn and walk away once I'd won it. She said that I do that to friends, to bosses, to colleagues, and frequently, to guys as well.

I protest, saying that I dont do that hor! She warn me that I am hurting many people in the process, because I will appear eager one day, and cold the next, and people will be confused by my erratic behaviour.

But after she pointed out to me, I recognise the same trend too. I have the irritating enthusiasm for new found friends, and will keep talking and making the person like me. And the moment I'd received the approval, and when this person started to be the one taking initiative to interact with me, I'll escape at amazing speed.

If the tables are turned, and when the other party is the one who is enthusiastic, I will bask in the attention for a while, then decide to run away because I am fearful of the affection he/she display.

And although I am already aware of this, yet between the time when my friend told me this, till today, I'd already repeated this nasty habit more than 3 times.

Recently, I'd tried extremely hard to crack the exterior of a very quiet guy, and I succeeded. Now he'll msn me whenever he come online, and I wont reply for at least 30 minutes, hoping that he'll be offline by then. I catch him trying to get my attention in a room full of people, I'd divert my eyes and look in the opposite direction.

Gosh. Why am I so irritating?

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Andy said...

Ay shey.. Didn't know you got this kind of behaviour.. Don't worry, come coffee with me and laoda.. you get poison from us and won't walk away one.. LOL!!!