Monday, December 22, 2008

Credit cards galore

I'd gotten my first credit cards today. =)

I'd never wanted to apply for them because I prefer to spend cold hard cash. But because of the need to pay for my SIM course, I had to pick up a credit card so as to utilize the 0% installment plans.

By the way, I am paying for my course sometime next week and expect to start lessons sometime in February. The next 4 years will be hell for me, I welcome constant encouraging smses / msn messages / emails to keep me going.

I'd gotten a Citi M1 Visa and a Citi Master Dividend. Next week my Citi Tangs card will also arrive. All three cards come with 3 years amf waiver, so I need not worry about them until nov 2011.

Will keep a note in my side bar to constantly remind me. =)

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