Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Star Wars fan I really am not

And so, I attended the CG Star Wars movie last night with linn. I redeemed 4 tickets in total, and due to underwhelming responses, we two girls ending up taking 4 seats in the full theater, and our seats are probably one of the best - enough distance from the screen and right smack in the middle.

Star Wars fan I am not, so I could enjoy the show without thinking "Hey! Skywalker would NEVER do that", or  "Hey! Plotline dont make sense!". I watched it at face value and appreciate the fact that they did not try to make the characters look humanly smooth.

I find it disturbing when CG films create characters that look too real. Ok I'm officially weird.

Anyway, story line wise.. I do think it's a little lame. And the jokes they injected are not that funny. But brushing all these aside, the show is watchable, but I do not think it's worth a weekend price.

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