Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Press those lift buttons!

When I read Krisandro fume about how annoying it is when people stand in front of the lift door, but not press the button, I was nodding in unison while stabbing my lunch fork into my workstation top, complete with narrowed eyes.

Really! Why doesn't these people press the button? Are you expecting the security guards to monitor your movements through their cctv screens, and supply a lift when you step into the lobby? Is it too much to ask for, to raise your arm to push the button?

Whenever I have to be the one to wiggle through the crowd standing and chattering mindlessly in front of the closed lift doors, oblivious to the fact the the numbers indicators are not jumping, I will proclaim loudly to whoever my companion is, "Wah! Why so many people but no one press button wan leh?"

Then these people would utter a chorused "Oh" and looked embarrassed for a second, then their conscious died away.

You would think that they are not actually there to wait for the lift, but taking the lobby as a social party. But when we all entered the lift eventually, murphy's laws will have it that all of them are going to levels lower than me. So it takes forever for me to reach my level!

Of course it's still their fault. If they had pressed the button earlier, another lift might had already came, and ferried 1/2 of these jokers away.

I'm not finished yet! And why is it that no one step up to man the buttons while we are inside the car? Everyone would merrily stroll to the far end of the car, and shout out to me what levels they are going, just because I pressed my own button, I am immediately the assigned lift-woman of this trip?

And when I resignedly push the buttons for them, hey, no words of thanks? Didnt anyone taught them manners? Missed those classes in Primary school? So I should wait until they are in the stride of walking out to their level, then slap the Door Close button repeatedly so that the lift door can clamp their limbs or torso into small pieces.

Tit for tat.


krisandro said...

I think it's about ASSumption. People like to assume that somebody else would have pressed the lift buttons.

I think by letting one person press the lift buttons for the floors is fine as it is more efficient in crowded situations but like you said, a word of 'Thanks' should be due.

kanigi said...

I'm more than happy to help if someone cannot reach the buttons panel. What I'm annoyed with, is how each one of them will just walk straight to the back of the car, and call out the numbers into the air, expecting someone to press it for them.

They think what? Reporting Toto ar?