Monday, August 25, 2008

My butt doesnt agree with lengthy movies

I will be catching CG starwars tomorrow, courtesy of m1 sunperks rewards. My paltry accumulated reward points is only good enough to redeem these movie tickets, and I am lucky to wander into the website, the one day in my entire 2 years' contract span, and run into the redemption opening.

Of course I am asking my linn-the-movie-fanatic along, and tomorrow shall be a another bitching session! =) *Dances around in a happy trance*

I'd checked and found out the show shall be 99minutes long, which means there's no danger of, as I joked with linn, rigor mortis setting in.

The last time I caught Red Cliff with her, my butt almost exploded after sitting still for 143 minutes, and that's not inclusive of the trailers' length. At the end of the show, my butt wouldnt response after I called out to it. Imagine my grief.

Movies should always be edited so that the length never cross the 100th minute mark. Length shall never be a reflection of the degree of quality of any movie. If I am interested in sitting still, I just need to do more OT. Why pay money to sit in a ergonomically-incorrect plush?

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