Saturday, September 23, 2006

Called off

I mentioned in the last entry that there was supposed to be a company dinner gathering on thurs and a karaoke today.

But both were called off.

I was very busy with work yesterday and LW, YF etc didnt want to spend too much time in a small space with LN and hence they decided to call it off until a later date.

AC, YF and myself are supposed to go for karaoke today, and we had been arranging this since last wed or so.

AC promised he will make it tonight no matter what, and YF and myself were very much looking forward to it.

He was so confident last wed that he claimed that he will "把头砍下来给我踢" if he were to not go again. So when he told me just now that he cant make it today because he is not feeling well, I told him "你死定了。自己去磨刀吧!"

In the end I had coffee and watched movie with YF, and we discussed about work and etc. I am beginning to like her better, but honestly, not perfectly still.

But it is good to make friends, still.

I will abduct contents from my 'official website' later. I wanted to write here then repost it there, but more often than not, when I blog here, I tend to be more critical and hence the entry cannot be used over there.

Sometimes I feel I cannot cope with two blogs because my each entry is fuckingly long.

But it feels good to be able to cheat and post the same entry on both blog.


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