Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Songs that are ermm...

Everyone knows I like david tao.

I once spent $129 on a first row (side column) ticket to his concert when I wasnt working full time and that $129 made up around 1/10th of my total savings.

I bought almost all of his cds, except his '乐之路'.

But his latest song is... erm... erm... bad?

There had been other songs of his that I dont like, like 'Sula & Lampa 寓言', but his latest two songs '忘不了' and '太美丽' is really.. sorry for the lack of proper adjectives to describe.

'忘不了' displayed how dt tries too hard to be render a difference between his version and the original version. The song would had been more bearable if he didnt go "Cant get you out of my mind, oh oh, yeah yeah" 4 times!

4 times! Once or twice is good enough, thank you, dt.

'太美丽' also showed how he tried too hard. The song is supposedly showing how the most basic form of love is the most beautiful, but I think dt is like me, getting 词穷.

I hope by the next few times these two songs are played on the radio, I will grow to like it enough to want to buy the cd. But actually, I think one way or the other, I will still buy the cd, just skipping the two tracks.

Also, Apple Hong released an EP in malaysia, which reportedly had been on the top sales boards. But '脸色' is gan pua pia tia. It sounds like it is an arrangement from the 80s, and sorry, despite 'big names' who wrote the song, it just sound bad.

The melody is bad, lyrics sucks, arrangment style is very stale, and her singing sucks. I used to like her quite a lot, but ever since this EP, whenever I see her on tv, her awful singing rings in my head and I promptly switch channels.

And every singer should stop using 'la-la-la' to mask empty parts in a song. It is stupid I admit, but I think a 'da-da-da' or 'na-na-na' at least make you sound like you have the initiative to pretend the part is scripted.

'La-la-la' is the universal 'I cant think of anything to say, so lalala.'

She releasing an EP just doesnt does justice to people like shi xinhui who can sing but didnt get to cut an album (yet).

Everyone who wants to cut album (or EP) please do a good job, cos even if I dont want to buy your cd, I might have to endure the song for 3 mths or so as the radio repeatedly play them on air.

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