Sunday, August 13, 2006

I dislike my job!

Ok, the actual point of this entry is to reiterate how I dislike this job.

But I think all of you have heard enough, because I have an obsessive desire to complain about the said job once I log in to So now you can shake your head in sympathy on how I had gone mad because of my job.

1. Clearing bins

Why! Why! Why! Why! Why!

2. Answering phone calls.

I hate multi tasking at an level that I have to be distracted every few moments. And while I am already having a headache about my own workload, identifying the ringing tones and answering phone calls is a headache to me.

3. Cold temperature

I turn up the temperature and they turn it back down again. And then they will each wear 2 jackets over their clothes while hugging their hot milo/coffee.

What the hell?

4. Cantonese music on repeat mode

I cant understand the lyrics and so all I can do is the appreciate the music. But please do not play the same songs over and over again, that is mental stress to me!

5. Cantonese conversation in meetings

"^$^#$@()$ &*(^@*^) "^$^#$@()$ &*(^@*^) "^$^#$@()$ &*(^@*^) "^$^#$@()$ &*(^@*^) $&8^$^@&*%!*&% $)*_)%*(^&@%& *$@%(&*)*$^*@ #^&%&%@#*+*UR^) #&*)_*%+*( &@*^!&T$) U_#& ^@*() *)_+_(U W^(@+_+% OI()^ &&@#)(_% *$T^I{I() &@#*^(U)YT* (@# _$*@+ &*%(^ #%*!*#_ %*#()&%"
amp;8^$^@&*%!*&% $)*_)%*(^&@%& *$@%(&*)*$^*@ #^&%&%@#*+*UR^) #&*)_*%+*( &@*^!&T$) U_#& ^@*() *)_+_(U W^(@+_+% OI()^ &&@#)(_% *$T^I{I() &@#*^(U)YT* (@# _$*@+ &*%(^ #%*!*#_ %*#()&%"
amp;amp;8^$^@&*%!*&% $)*_)%*(^&@%& *$@%(&*)*$^*@ #^&%&%@#*+*UR^) #&*)_*%+*( &@*^!&T$) U_#& ^@*() *)_+_(U W^(@+_+% OI()^ &&@#)(_% *$T^I{I() &@#*^(U)YT* (@# _$*@+ &*%(^ #%*!*#_ %*#()&%"

Me switches off brain.

Suddenly FC, who was in the conversation turns to me and says "Kanigi, you note that down."

Kanigi : (bewildered) "What? I dun understand a word of cantonese. I thought you all were talking about something else."

FC : Oh sorry, we were just saying for project xxx, the site takeover date is on 18th.

Kanigi : Oh I know that already.

6. Un-claimable long hours

I worked out that I work at least 60 hours of ot per month, and if there was ot pay, even if just $5/hr, I would have earned $300 more on top of my pathetic pay.

7. No friends

7. Heartless managers

Give you work to do when it is not your jobscope, and he leaves for the day. It is not ok because he is just the manager, he didnt pay my pathetic salary ok.

On another note, how can the guys leave us girls to stay to do ot when the area is so deserted. If kena robbed also have to walk 10 minutes before reaching a main road to seek help.

8. Taxi fares.

Cannot claim until 12am. Cheapskate company. Work like a slave for you but you dont even allow me to take taxi home after a long day. Should let us claim by 9 what. 3 hours ot not a justificable enough reason for us to take cab? TMD.

9. Nowhere to hide

Sometimes work gets to me and all I want is a 5 minutes toilet break while I cool down. I cant even have that luxury because there is one common toilet used by everybody, and the toilet is just 5 seconds from my workstation. I cant even walk slowly to it and slowly back as a short rest.

10. Cheapskate office supplies

I have to do binding every other day but the binder device (not machine ok!?) is the cheapskate home use kind. I cant even punch 10 pages without breaking the device into its cheapskate parts.

The intray is propped up using ice cream sticks (those round ones used in red bean icecreams). Oooi... suddenly I think it might not even be ice cream sticks, it might be the wooden chopsticks from the bee hoon store.


But to be fair, the company also have its virtues.

1. Can be late

We can be late for 15 minutes everyday and everyone takes it as the norm, partly because LW is always one hr late. The admin witch is always late for an hour and leaves on the minute when it is 6pm.

2. Breakfast

Late already but still can spend up to 9.30 eating breakfast. (In the afternoon if want to go buy things to eat also can, just remember to ask the boss.)

3. Can talk as loud as you can

It would have been good if I have good friends around, but because I dont, I can only talk to my highlighter or my tissue box or my pedestal.

4. One ear plugged

Because I cant stand the cantonese songs, so I am always one ear plugged to my radio, and both ears plugged once after 6pm. Come on lah, it is after official working hours, I am working at my own expense, cant I even enjoy my own music?

(But I've heard most companies allow you to listen to music as long as it is not disturbing others.)

5. Full internet access.

I can access gmail at work, meaning I can blog. Actually I can blog at work too, but I dowan the company to catch my blog address. I can use the msn too, which saves me from insanity. In michelle's words, the best thing about this company is the internet access, and nothing else.

6. Job title

Job title is an important aspect to me in a job, but I will rather do without it if I can join a company with better benefits in every other aspects. It is after all, just a name that makes you sound nice, something that small companies like to do.

Cons out weigh pros. Almost one hand tied behind back. I want to quit!


Shoutout to Michelle:

I know what you are thinking, that I will never leave this job cos if I wanted to, I would have done that months ago. And I wont feel so worried when I fear that they will ask me to leave 2 weeks ago, eve of my 3 month's mark.

The reason why I was worried wasnt because I like this company. It is merely because I dowan to face needing to leave a company again (like the last one) when it wasnt my fault.

And thanks a lot for the confidence vote that I will never get back into system furniture again. Who needs sarcastic enemies when you have sarcastic friends.

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