Wednesday, August 09, 2006

First project

For these three months that I am here in this job, I had been assigned very small jobs because I am very new.

I dont mind, because the larger it gets, the more work there is to do.

And for the jobs that I was assigned to, because of the small scale, the company owners are usually young people who just started out in their business, so they are receptive to interesting colour combinations.

I've recommended red/orange/yellow/turquoise/purple and etc in my proposals for the different companies, and I had done retro colour combinations like dark brown and light blue.

It was all very fun.

I had been very busy these days because I am handling 4 small projects, with one more shelved for the moment.

And I will be busier, because of these, the smallest scale project is confirmed!! YAY!!

I am worried because I am not sure if I can handle the whole project, abeit small, but I am sure LW will guide me along.

I am worried for the amount of autocad drawings that I have to prepare for one project like this. I am estimating it to be 15 pieces.

FC is asking me how long do I predict I will need for the whole set of drawings. I really feel like telling him next fri so that I have enough time to prepare. Given 2 or 3 full days (as in full working hours) to come out with the drawings should be good enough, but I am always distracted to do other stuff, so I cannot confirm that the drawing will be ready by tues or wed as FC prefers.

Unless I burn my weekend. Sigh.

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