Saturday, July 15, 2006

I still went

Despite me saying that I dont want to attend the gathering, I still turned up.

Dinner at pizza hut was like a insane rush to fill our stomaches, and honestly, I have no idea why we had to feed ourselves at jetplane speed.

The guys practically distributed the slices the moment the pan was set on the table, then urging the waitresses to clear them. Well, they must be hating to scorch the lovely restuarant table.

We polished the food off the plates, and while they chatted, I happily retreated spiritually to my handphone and pretended, as usual, that there was something extremely interesting in it.

Oh, I should say it is interesting huh, for david was trying to keep me entertained, knowing I was going to be very bored for the night.

(Hi david! Still reading this blog? Not sian meh? No worries, you will soon be. Haha.)

We headed over to rocher to eat dao huay after that. In the car (wilfred drove), the guys said something about me on our way to the shop which made me miffed. No, I am not going to repeat it here, I am just going to take it seriously to heart.

I remembered when I was in poly, a smart aleck once passed some remarks about me which initially got me really peeved. I was only furious for a short while, but for the remaining 2yrs+ in school, I never talked to him again until he once openly apologised to me.

I mentioned before that I am such a weirdo that, I can take jokes, yes I can, but to a certain level only. Cross this line and you will see an imaginary hand slap you across the face when I retaliate though just verbally. My selection of vocabulary is usually targetted to cause the most embarrassement and pain, so dont try me.

Half the time I play the fool in front of friends for I know I have a tendency to scare people when I am too serious. I harden my voice, throw a sideward glance that says "Keep out, biting dog within" and will begin to snub you with my air of incensed vibes.

That is why I tend to keep quiet a good amount of time when I am with friends whom dunno me well. Seriously, it is not a good idea to break any relationships with friends because of my lousy temper.

Oh, I digressed.

We ate dao huay and headed to tiong bahru to watch pirates of the caribbean. Honestly, it is much nicer than I expected, but then again, I seldom hold high expectations for movies. The movie is a good 2.5 hours long and the seat in the theatre was very uncomfortable, my butt was all numb and I had to hold my bladder as I was sitting in the middle of the row.

I almost fell asleep during some parts of the show because I am really too tired and sleepy, but luckily I didnt, or it will be disgraceful.

I didnt then but I am going to fall asleep now. Good night!

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