Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Haunted office

You know your office is haunted when you :

1. feel chilling wind blowing at your body, arms, hair and everywhere and all your goosebumps rise.

2. hear a weird wooooooo sound that has the voice expression of a sigh.

3. your arms are on the table while your fingers are on the keyboard; your body is barely moving but out of the corner of your eye you see the drawn piece of tissue dancing merrily as if it possess life.

4. papers fly off your table like an angry arm had swept at it.

Should this happen to you, wear a talisman if you are a taoist or a buddhist, or hug your bible if you are christian or catholic.

Me? Oh you dont have to worry about me, what I need is some masking tape to seal up the aircon vent. -_-"

The aircon in my office is set to be 20 degrees throughout the day, regardless whether the sun is out or the rain is pouring.

If there is a ghost in the office, she is the one who turns it back to 20degrees every time I turn it up to a acceptable temperature of 25degrees.

I cannot comprehend their silly minds when they will turn the aircon to such freezing temperature, then they will each huddle in a thick jacket and shiver in unison when the temperature seemingly go down as their blood freezes in their veins.

Crazy women! They are crazy!

Someone round them up and throw them into the fireplace please. Witches must be burnt!

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