Monday, July 24, 2006

Ex colleague

I had this colleague whom, like me, is kind of the outcast in the company.

He joined the company two months prior to myself and although on the surface, he mingles well with everyone, he is much disliked by everyone.

Yah, probably I am like that too. =P

He doesnt know his work well but he likes to shoot his mouth off, much to the irritation to the other colleagues.

And while I am like him, without friends, he tries very hard to merge in but failed. Me, on the other hand, cannot be bothered and I happily infuse myself into the ugly carpet.

I tried to be as nice to him as I can manage, but he bosses me around like he does to everyone.

And feeling pissed yesterday when he demands me to prepare 6 sets of documents for him, I retorted 'When I am free', and proceed to walk away.

In the end I gave him all the loose printed copies without binding them and asked him to help himself.

I congratulate myself for standing up for my own rights, only to hear this morning he had already resigned and wont be here again.

I felt bad because he had probably left because he hadnt a friend here and me being the last person who treats him with decency decides to give him attitude as well.

Sigh.. Life's like that isnt it? I had to give way to my impatience on his last day. If only I hadnt, then maybe it had been a better last day.

I heard he was asked to leave. Sigh, why does it sounds so familiar? I think this company isnt the best place to slog in, for efforts are not recognised.

Weekend ok? Weekend I will really sit down and think about what I really want.

I cant do it during weekdays because I have been working till fucking 10pm everyday. I am too tired to process any thinking after that.[

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