Thursday, October 01, 2009

Brains? Nah, Too Heavy To Bring To Work.

Why is it that some people comes to work without checking if they'd brought their brain along?

Is it that difficult to take that little effort to remember the instructions that were given? I am not even expecting input, cos that will be too much to ask for, apparently, but is taking instructions THAT hard on people?

I organised all the information in bite-sizes so that it will be easier to understand and digest, yet obviously that is not good enough. Why dont we do it like this, I do all the work myself, you just sit there and chat on msn for the whole day? Does that sounds good to you?

Or tell me what I should do?
Can I throw my temper? Oh, of course not. What blasphemy to the favourite pet of the boss!

So I ended up stabbing my thighs with the highlighter I am using to mark out information on the layout plan, and now my thigh is a myriad of neon colours. How very beautiful.

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