Friday, October 17, 2008

So it seems I dont need anyone else

I was slogging on a project the whole of last week, the same one that Miss Confused is unable to finish the visuals of.

She was supposed to be helping me, but obviously she didnt.

Anyway, I am already resigned to the fact that I will never meet the perfect assistant, and I no longer imagine that I'd past the junior stage and can delegate work to my own juniors. Seems like being a senior or not, I will have to do Every! Single! Thing! myself.

However, I'd heard from the office manager this morning (all hush hush, I also dunno why she thinks Mr Boss shouldnt know about this) that Mr Boss paid compliments to the entire package of presentation materials that I'd submitted.

He verbally confirmed that he liked the design, the overseas partners like the design, and the clients love it too. There were some changes to be made, but nothing major.

He told our overseas team that all future material boards have to be done to my standard at a minimum and the powerpoint presentation slides that I'd compiled (it's client-specific, each slide is fresh, not drew from the deck) gave him high level of confidence when he was presenting to the clients.

He did tell me, later in the day, about how he is pleased with the package I compiled. He is appreciative of the work. Thank goodness.

Yes. It sucks when I am fighting wars alone, with no one to help. But at the same time, it is very satisfying to know that the time and effort was well spent.

Till the next round of shit, I'm going to gloat about this project. =)

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