Thursday, October 02, 2008

Dont take my ideas and pass it off as your own

On one hand he says that we have to draft our emails carefully, because as we all know, words may not convey emotions correctly. On the other, he send me emails while copying others on it, telling me my design doesnt work.

His exact words didnt sound that offending.

But the underlying tone is has an unmistakable chill to it. But what's wrong with doing a design that is something different for once? I am sick of people pointing out to me that my design looks identical from one project to another, but does anyone know that it's the end result after he made changes?


Each idea I submitted was my own. I came up with them myself but what he eventually want, is something tested and approved. If everyone does design the safe way, who needs designers?

And no. I dont want to copy designs from magazines and books. Dont even get me started on it.

Yet, if my design is so unredeemed, why is he taking my design for use in other offices? Maybe it doesnt matter to him, to him, an idea is just something scanned from the periodicals. But an idea to me could be a reflection from a movie, an extension of thoughts from a gallery of pictures or a collection of nibblets of a topic I accumulated over a number of years.

And how many good ideas can my small brain develop in this lifetime? One idea abducted is one idea missing.

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