Sunday, September 21, 2008

Scaring him half to death

I was in TP when I earned my dark circles, together with my diploma.

The course was demanding and thus I end up sleeping 3 to 4 hours a day, for almost everyday during lesson semesters. I repay my snooze debts during traveling journey.

In events that I have been lacking sleep for a prolong period of time, I would be unconscious almost the same minute that I found a seat.

And I always end up oversleeping my stop.

Once, I was taking 97 home from work, and after a series of no-time-to-sleep nights, I was supposed to alight one stop before the interchage-last-stop, but I snoozed all the way into the interchange.

But that wasnt all. By the time the other passengers alight and emptied the vehicle, I was still happily in lalaland, and when the bus steered into the bus park, I suddenly roused from my sleep and saw that the bus has already lights-off-ed and the bus driver was in the process of turning off the engine (is that the term?).

I walked to the front of the bus, taking care to walk my steps loudly so that I didnt frighten the bus driver.

But I still did. He got the scare of his life when I stepped out from the realms of the darkness and into his cozy circle of warm yellow light.

Hahaha. His expression is priceless.

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