Friday, August 15, 2008


This junior of mine stays 15mins from work, and she wakes up at 8.30am and reaches office at around 9:20am. But our official working hours begins at 8.30am, leh!

Obviously she didnt tell me that she woke up at 8:30am every morning, but she's the one who previously told me it takes her 30mins to get ready and 15mins to travel to work.

She is not willing to do OT, and when I forced her to, she'll make excuses, saying she is tired (what? I'm not issit?).

This junior mainly operates the visualisation software in my office, and Boss or myself will supply her the completed layout plan and design, and she'll translate it into a visual for us. When we require her to do a certain feature, if she couldn't work out that effect, she'll just say she cannot do it. No, and she's not willing to try.

When I was a junior, there's nothing known as "I don't know how to do" accompanied with a shrug. Instructions are meant to be carried out, not ignored.

So. Why is it that she gets more concessions than me? It's ok when she say she cant do something. But when I even dare to ask for a deadline extension due to the change in design/requirements, I can slapped up, down, left and right.

How fair.

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