Saturday, October 14, 2006

Stage performance

I am one irate woman now.

I keep telling myself that I had just started out, I must build up experience and hence I must bear with this. I will only be very much a support to the design manager and I must remember my footing.

I must just play my role well, and not wanting to raise a revolt at every blink of my eye.

Initially, I was happy to play this support role, but they had to push me to the front of the stage, irregardless I have stage fright or not. All that I could do is to grind my teeth and put on the best performace, then surprisingly there was applause at the end of it.

As I bowed and merrily claimed the support, I began to visualise the next time I might be able to perform again, and psych myself to began preparing for the next opportunity.

And then? There was none. Now I am demoted to merely the one who screw on the light bulbs around the mirrors the superstars use.

If they are not going to let me perform, then in the first place why give me a chance to stand on stage. Or was it their intention all along, to push me to the limelight, while they stand behind the curtains giggling, and waiting for me to go wrong?


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